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Pumicestone Passage


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The middle of the passage has been firing lately.  Following two pics are the results of two mornings last month.  I was too lazy to post reports.



Today was my first outing since Cyclone Debbie and I wasn't sure how the passage around Coochin/Hussey Ck would fish.  I thought the mud that flowed into the creeks may still have the fish shut down.  Hit the water around 6am.



It was hard going but slowly pulled in a few whiting.  The passage was full of weed which made the fishing very frustrating.   

Called it quits after 5hrs and ended up with a good feed which included a few decent whiting.



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9 hours ago, Brooker said:

G'day Mate,  hope not wrong area to post/ask this,but, Best Tackle for fishing Bribie? 

hey mate, the southern end of the passage can hold anything from whiting to queenfish and then Mackerel/tuna/tailor etc as you move out into the bay and out the back of open beaches.  If you know what you are targeting I'm happy to try and help you out.

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