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Blackwater Barramundi


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I work at a mine in Blackwater first day back is tomorrow, my son was at daycare his mum was at work so rather than leaving late in the afternoon I decided to head out early take a rod and go for a bit of a walk in some of the rivers that were still moving since the floods. I had bought some gobblers lures and was keen to give them a go, after a while of flicking and no luck I changed to my go to plastic which is a 3inch paddletail pink Minnow. First cast and I landed my best Barra for the day around 55cm it was in less than a foot of water under a road crossing I moved him down to the flowing water where he wouldn't be stuck when the water dried up persisted for a bit longer got a couple more little ones and called it a day. 

Thanks for reading. 






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7 hours ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Wow, so you caught these in Blackwater? What's the creek/river system? I grew up in Dysart (further west) and had no idea they were out that far west.

That would be the Mackenzie river mate people have been catching big ones down there a lot with yellow tails that come up in the floods. Apparently they're around regularly after the rain, a lot of these would have spilled over the Bedford weir too. I know dysart I was working out there until a month ago. The boys out there do well with Saratoga and yellowbelly. 


I was just as surprised as you to find them out here! 

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