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Seq Water Update NPD And Kurwongbah.


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Email from SEQ water.



May 2017

Improving recreation opportunities at our lakes

Late last year, we announced we would be making changes at Lake Samsonvale and Lake Kurwongbah to improve on-water recreation opportunities following a landmark water quality assessment.

The Australian-first quantitative microbial risk study found Lake Samsonvale was able to cope with the introduction of public paddle craft, in addition to existing club use of the lake, without impacting water quality in the major drinking water storage.

The study, which was conducted over two years, has also allowed us to revise the current shared recreation arrangement on Lake Kurwongbah to allow public rowing, paddling and club skiing, seven days a week.

Lake Kurwongbah update

Planning is in progress to roll out recreation changes at Lake Kurwongbah within the coming months.

We are currently reviewing recreation management plans with existing clubs to support the changes and will soon be introducing designated zones on the lake for public rowing, padding and club skiing.

We will also be installing a new launch point for paddle craft and wash down facility at Mick Hanfling Park, as well as improving the existing wash down facilities as a result of public feedback.

Lake Samsonvale update

We have engaged an independent consultant to assess suitable locations around the lake for establishing a launch point for paddle craft.

We have been working with key stakeholder groups, including local recreation clubs, to identify important considerations for establishing a new access point to the lake and will continue to do so throughout the planning process.

The timing of any changes at the lake is dependent on the outcomes of the assessment and securing the necessary funding. Once a preferred location has been identified, we will need to develop a business case for our internal approvals.

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2 hours ago, Binder said:

havent they already put in th enew launch poist and wash down facility at Kurwongba?  a couple of years ago now?

I suggested to them that they need another at the other end of picnic area, because if you get there late its a long drag to wash down point, I also suggested a drive through wash down point. If they are making zones for paddlecraft, they might make a new wash down point at the  end of ski road.


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