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Back On The Water NPD 6/6/17


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Still not allowed to drive or fish but dr did not say i cannot go in the boat.

I got rick to drive my car and boat to NPD this morning.

 I sat back and watched Rick enjoying himself catching 36 bass and one yella.

 It was a bit cool and windy but the wind seemed to help the fishing as the i pilot was kept busy keeping us on position with most fish caught as soon as the i pilot kicked in . best bass went 45cm with over 24 being legal.

Knocked off at 10 am after a good morning.

Few more weeks before i will be able to hold a rod but gee it was good to be back there.



DSCN1055 (640x462).jpg




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Good onya Ray - reminds me of when I couldn't stand missing out on playing touch footy with my uni mates after my shoulder reconstruction years ago - started playing one handed for the last couple of weeks of the recuperation ....... not real clever but anyway ...... :whistle:

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