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Double Island Point - 08-09/07


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Hatched a plan with two mates(Cheech & Chong) to join Cheech and Chong charters chasing Black Bream... However after seeing the weather forecast, plans where changed for an offshore trip aboard Mary K. There was a blow Saturday morning that was slowing down at noon. Plan was to fish spot x,y,z. Crossing Wide Bay Bar at low tide, 3pm, returning at 8/9amish the next day.

Saturday morning at 7am I picked Cheech up and we made our way to Chongs place at Maryborough. 

MaryK in tow we headed for the ramp. We were at the bar by 3pm and headed out to spot x, 20ks from the bar. We anchored in 56mtrs of water and burley'd up when I remebered too... The afternoon session was pretty good, loosing lots of good fish and landing plenty of Snapper. Stand out was a 60+ Snapper I caught float lining. 

After the tide change things slowed, so we cruised to spot y. Scored(?) two MIL and again lost plenty to Sharks and other misfortunes. Sun was well down by this point, so we persisted at Spot Y for a few more hours. The whales... It was at this spot we herd our first whales breach at night. It is a truly different expereince. At times when they jumped their white bodies lit up under the full moon. We also saw a blue swimmer crab, swimming on the surface in 50+mtrs and over 20ks from shore.

8pm we decided to head to Spot Z. Spot Z was quiet at first and after re anchoring in 55mtrs a few times, we decided to drift. We had one of the best sessions from 11pm to 12:30pm with nearly every drop resulting in a fish. The Snapper were in plague legal proprtions and were quickly becoming annoying being already bagged. At 2am we made the call to head back to Spot Y for the morning bite.

We fished this spot from 2am until 6amish. Chong then called in a mystery spot he had, Spot W. Here had promise, I got a big Spangled. Then we found the Pearlies. We caught at least 30 between the 3 of us. Only one was legal. Rest ranged from 30 - 34. A blowfly moved in on our drift line. We decided to play nice and just keep doing our drifts. We delayed our depature until 9am trying to pick up some legal Pearlies . Last drop with all bait nearly gone, we did a drop with two lines with all remaining bait on 8/0s. The super baits were deployed... First line got smashed, but it went straight into reef. Second line then got smashed. After a short fight Chong brought up a respectfully sized Tuskie. 

Crossed bar at 9 and stopped inside to log off with VMR Tincan Bay. Back to Chongs for a few coldies before the haul back to Brissy.

Was a really enjoyable expereince being on Cheech and Chong charters. Will be back real soon.


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11 minutes ago, straddiebrad said:

good going mate that was a long haul,you didnt bleed the mowong if thats what they are?,those moses look like crackers




They were bled mate. Cheech and Chong kept those fish. The Finger mark were all decent. I forgot how much of a fight the big ones put up.

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1 minute ago, aussie123 said:

Stop being soft Wayne.

There is plenty of accessories like these that you can wear to bed or snuggle up with in case you get hit by a whale.



Call me what you like, al least I'll still be around the next day to keep fishing. 

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5 hours ago, tugger said:

Another great trip and report Julian there has been some good fish offshore lately hope the season keeps oing like this

Been a killer Snapper season, that's for sure.

I can't  wait to hit the area again. We have the moon worked out now so next trip can be more day time focused.

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