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Afternoon Delight


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Blxxdy hell, new computer, what a nightmare, went from windows 7 to windows 10. Wife has torn out all her hair and wont speak to me.:ausflag::fishing::1_grinning:

Had to go to the doc first up yesterday, gave me a ok on the nose and an appointment in 4 weeks to have the bottom lip done ow ow ow.

So had a late start to the fishing with the neighbour, fishing from 11am to 4.30 pm. Picked up a few trolling, then spent a lot of time jigging for a few more and finished up letting the neighbour do a bit of bait fishing, while I was casting and jigging back to the boat, I have found that the suspended bass like a sideway fast jig of the rod, which is a lot faster than just winding the reel fast.



P7210002 (1).JPG

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