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Caboolture River


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48 minutes ago, Drop Bear said:

Hey @josha293 how did you go?

Hard days fishing mate. Got a small jew on the monday and 2 flathead, wednesday was even harder, only managed to get 2 catfish and dropped another small jew boat side as i went to lift him in. Today i went and had a look at the passage getting alot of pike, 2 small flatties and a tailor.  Hopefully havw some better luck next week or sometime soon hahaha. 




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6 minutes ago, Drop Bear said:

Glad to see you getting out there and putting in the hours.

Nice fish there. What is the Passage?

Yeah alot of hours for very little results but thats fishing. I done alot better last year up the river but i rhink i left it too late to chase jew this year. Mabey one more session on the jew then its time to concentrate on jacks


Bribie passage.

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