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Star Fruit Wine

Drop Bear

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So work is a bit quiet for one reason or another and its a bit blowy to go out on the bay today and I was pottering in the backyard and realised we weren't going to get through all the Starfruit (Carambola).20170824_152640.thumb.jpg.77b964625fa1ca9d30c072322741f481.jpg20170824_152653.thumb.jpg.592b619c5cecb6d82c54a4d9d57c6d89.jpg20170824_152704.thumb.jpg.7144f8ee981d909f39165b43f8d7820f.jpg

They are delicious this year. So juicy and good. @Angus @tugger I know you guys are not far away so please feel free to drop in and grab a few and if anyone else is in Wynnum area and wants to try a few pm me. 

Anyways... i'm having an AFW (alcohol free week)  so naturally I was wishing I could have a beer and I though why not make some wine!

So I don't really know what I am doing... but I have some stuff from when I first made small batches of honey mead.

I simply pureed them and strained out the juice with the dodgy kitchen strainers I had. then put this in the Carboy with a glass of mead that I had made a wile back for yeast and topped it up with water and a bit of sugar for good measure. Air lock on top. Bob's ya mother's brother. 


I am worried that I might get fruit fly in it but will strain it again if this happens. Just don't tell the missus if you think she might want to drink some.  :whistle:

Perhaps I will bring some to the x mass party... haha as if it will last that long.

I think it will be a bit strong. I like to sometimes have soda with my mead and even lemonade is nice as it adds some sugar as I make it very dry.

I will siphon it out in a month or so, discard the stuff in the bottom and put it back in the carboy for a bit. then siphon it again into bottles with a teaspoon of sugar and leave for a few months more.

I hope I get to share one with you.




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12 hours ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Blakesley's would be a great spot to try it - I'll check if @Angus is free

Poor @Angus

I'm sure he will like this one. 

PS i dont fully blame my Mead for angus's sleepy behavior but I do thin that its not the thing to have after 100 beers. 


HAHA sorry angus. PS I hope the Jews are in at Straddie today!


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