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Wasted Day, Not Funny.....


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Hi all,

          Left home 4am Wednesday, 2hr drive to new boat ramp in Townsville, absolute dream

to launch. Dropped 8 pots and went out the front of the new port area to do some fishing.

Was looking for Whiting/Bream/ anything with fins.

Using prawns/squid for bait ( frozen from trawler ) pretty fresh.

Used half tank fuel , got a couple of nibbles, nothing to get

exicted about. Moved south to the sand bars on the making high, never even gat a show, at least thought

we'd get some whiting.

Moved up the creek fished the rock walls and mangroves still nothing, yes did have lines in the water.

Pulled pots late afternoon pushing low tide got one 100mm crab.

Fished deep hole at mouth of sh@t creek and got 1 x 100mm bream.

No worries, got to use new sounder and leccy motor.

Pulled out late arvo and headed home to some nice cold rums.

No pic's wasn't worth it.

Good day anyhow.




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