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Tackle Box Set Up


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Hi there, I'm new to fishing and need some help setting up a tackle box. I know the basics: Hooks, Sinkers, Swivels, Bobbers. What other stuff should i have and what size of everything should i keep for all round fishing. I would also like to know what some good lures are for fishing around Moreton Island in Brisbane. I don't care what i catch. Anything will do :). Thanks in advance.

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Soft plastic lures work well for flathead around Moreton. You will need to buy some jigheads, I suggest 1/8oz or 1/6oz. There are many plastics to choose from. I've had success with ZMan Curly Tails in Pink and ZMan Paddle Tails in Opening Night (both 3inch).

As far as your tackle box stock goes -

Scissors / braid scissors
Pliers for removing hooks
Lip grips to hold your fish
Brag Mat to measure your fish (and photograph)
Sharp Knife
Hooks - Size 1 and 2 longshanks, 2/0 and 3/0 Octopus/Circle, 1/0 and 2/0 baitholder should give you a fair start.


Others should be along with their two cents hopefully as no doubt I've missed a lot.


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I always keep the following as well:

A mix of hard body and soft plastics, squid jig, bait jig, set of ganged 5/0 hooks, set of ganged 3/0 as well. Spare spool of 20b mono for leader or if in boat 30lb mono for leader. Surf Sinkers, and I have started using those sinkers that are tear drop shaped with a sickle on top as they are easy to change if needed with the paternoster rig.



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