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Where To Find Eel-tailed Catfish


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Hey guys, I'm chasing about 2 or 3 Tandans to put in my small dam at home. I went for a look around my local creeks but the water levels are very low and there didn't seem to be any around. Does anyone have any advice on a reliable location on the North side of Brissy River where I might be able to catch a couple? I thought of going to Nth Pine Dam but am a bit hesitant about the possibility of floating around dangling a worm for hours without knowing where to go... Maybe someone knows a hotspot for them on NPD? And what baits do they like the best? I've caught them on all sorts of different stuff, but don't really know what is ideal.


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Freshwater catfish (eel-tailed catfish, Tandanus tandanus)


Size and possession limits


35cm min

Combined limit of 5 in total of fish in the general Neosilurus, Tandanus and Neosiluroides families (e.g. black, Cooper Creek, eel-tailed, false spine, short-finned and Hyrtl’s tandan)


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