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Aussie Day Pelagics


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My son Brock and his mate Dylan were taking my boat out i couldn't resist going and show them where the cobia were feeding on Australia day. The weather was awesome with not a breath of wind so the ride out was glassy there was no bar and it was one of the best runs out. We 1st stopped and got a tank full of live yakkas and slimies then headed for the group we anchored up and streamed out a live slimie on the surface then dropoed live yakkas to rhe bottom.


The slimie went off early and Brock was in to a big spanaird with 3 big screaming runs that stripped 150m of line on its 1st run atleast. It then went deep and used its mass to stubbornly resist Brock's effort of reeling him in with a few more short quick runs it started to wear out but just 5m from the boat just in sight it threw the hook.


Quickly reseting another live slimie we settled in to some more bottom fishing but with a few short runs on livies on the bottom each time not staying connected we never gave up. Next thing we hear is the drag going off on the surface rod and Dylan had a turn fighting a good spanish mackerel i got the gaff ready as the fish wore itself out with a few big screaming runs, you never get sick of hearing the ratchet screaming with mackerels blistering speed. I sunk the gaff in to a solid spanish as it surfaced beside the boat the fish must of been 11kg and it went 1.15m long.




We kept fishing but the wind swung us around and the fish went off the bite so we moved north to the 7's. We dropped livies down on some good shows and soon enough Brock hooked up to a solid fish he strugled on the heavy drag setting but eventually got line back and the fish closer. As it came in to view we knew we were looking at a nice Amberjack i slid the net under it and soon it was chilling with the spanish in the ice slurry.


We had a marlin jump in front of the boat it got us excited seeing the fish free jumping so we set a lure spread and trolled around the 7's for the next hour. We couldn't raise any fish and the call was made to head home the wind never got above 10 knots all morning and a top ride home topped off the day. Hope everyone had a great Aussie day thanks for reading.

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On 27/01/2018 at 11:58 AM, Drop Bear said:

Nice work mate. 2 solid fish. you are gonna eat like kings!

I wont go out Sunday as it looks rubbish weather wise. Hope to go out next week if wind allows. I will try to find the livies. @aussie123kindly gave me some marks. 

Thanks for the great report!

Yeah the weather is turning bad good time for working on the boat 

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