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A Gain In The Rain


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Well I finally got back in the boat this morning, there was a bit of rain about but not enough to get to wet. Started off with a bit of casting to the edges, picking up a few small bass, then headed off down the dam trolling picking up a bass here and there.Found a couple of schools on the sounder so tried some jigging, for zilch, so down went a fish finder and instant hookup, a bloody forkie, next spot same again, ended up with 11 of the mongrels. So headed off to another spot where the bass were hungry, managed 32 bass all up, so not bad for first day back after falling over.Leg still raw and has to be dressed each day, so I was very careful on the ramp.Forgot to mention one of the forkies put a small gash in my finger, I was waiting for the sting but it never came, lucky lucky lucky.








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