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Fishing In South Australia - Assistance Needed

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Hi guys,

When I say fishing in South Australia, what's the first thing you think of?  I am doing some research for a tourism company and from all accounts I hear there is no game fishing in SA.  Sharks seem to be a popular topic but there is lots of other fishing besides game fishing. Appreciate any thoughts about fishing in this State, ideas and suggestions about what you would recommend to your friends.



Go Fish 


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Hi Ange,

When I think about SA I think Big King George Whiting, Big snapper, Big King fish,  Sand Crabs (Blue Swimmers) but mostly about Razor Fish and how awesome they are and how no one seems to want to eat them?

I know that the Tuna fishery is good as well but the things mentioned above excite me. 

We spent a short time in SA and loved it and am really keen to get back there. We had a great time in Adelaide at the fringe festival. The Cafes and bars are very unique with fun comfortable and unique shabby chic options. 

Good luck with your survey and congratulations on your amazing power revolution you are having down that way. 


From Brisbane. 

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