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13 hours ago, Grmby said:

Gday just want some views on rock fishing, after some spots anywhere in the south east. Was thinking of giving the Gold Coast seaway around dawn, but a bit worried about the water traffic.ill be using SPs and HBs. 



GC seaway is a great spot. Def worth a go. Big plastics will get Jew when they are there. Slugs and HB taylor trevs. 

There are some big flathead in there too. Point lookout and Cape Moreton are good spots too. 

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35 minutes ago, Grmby said:

Do you know if it usually gets packed there on a Saturday before/around dawn 

I don't know but it is a huge wall. Heaps of room no matter how many people there. I have only been there mid week and there was only 2 or 3 others. 

The sea way does have a fair few boats on the weekends and plenty of traffic but I don't think that should put you off. 

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