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Black Bass On Surface Popper


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2 hours ago, Drop Bear said:

Thats awesome. I love those palms that grow in the salt. Cant wait for the report mate. If you are catching them on surface I bet you got a few. 

I will get a report up today Robbie.

I've had 2 weeks of orders to catch up on plus my Windows 10 has been playing up when loading and using the photos apps but I think I finally sorted that issue last night.

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5 minutes ago, straddiebrad said:

that was a good video lance who got there lure stuck in the tree


That would be Stu's lure, lol

We both had our fair share of trees for the trip, these Bass like to sit within a foot or so of any structure so getting your lures in really close does end up in tears many times over,lol

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