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fun fishing spot for someone leaving


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hi all,

I've got a colleague who's going home to India in a couple of weeks and he's asked me to take him out on a fishing trip.

He just wants to get out and have some fun and maybe catch a couple of fish so I need some help on places to bring him too. Another colleague is coming along - a russian - so there will be lots of booze - so will need some place where we can basically 'park' the rods and at the same time catch some fish and have a few drinks. this same russian will be bringing along a mini bbq cos he wants to cook the catch.

I was thinking of bringing them to a fishing park but they wanna do it at night and don't wanna pay. They are new to fishing so I want them to enjoy themselves and at least get a couple of fish to show for it. no soft plastics or lures here as they don't know how to use them and I'm no expert myself so it will be primarily bait like bread or cut fish meat.

Was thinking - ugh - no idea where actually....so need some suggestions from the crew here..





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Hey, hope i m not to laote and they're still here!

Lots of places to choose, but if you want to take them a somewhere special, pop them over to moreton is for a night. If you have 4wd access go to surf side or north side like Yellow Patch. The place is beautiful, drink and fish from beach and you can cathc anything from bream, faltties to taylor.

Even Straddie might be worth a trip.

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Gday Merv.

If you using prawns, bread, squid etc maybe try one of the peirs.

Redcliffe, Shornclife, Wellington Point etc.

The reason i suggest these is you should be able to get some bream or something. Plus its very easy to set up with chairs and drinks.

Bare in mind that no one can \"garuntee\" fish anywhere. But i reckon you would stand a decent chance at one of these places catching any number of species.


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awesome guys...

ash - i would love to go to moreton but we don't have a 4wd... i don't have a car , the indian rides a motorbike and the russian drives a supra so i doubt we'd make it there!. haahaa...but it sounds good though. straddie sounds good though... thing is they'll probably get sick of fishing after a couple of hours..

angus - redcliffe, shorncliffe, wellington pt.

only ever been to wellington pt to recce. haven't been to redcliffe or shorncliffe. how far away from home (toowong) is that? just fish off the jetty?..hows the lighting at night over there? as u know , i don't know much abt the area

timbo - bribie would be great but like i said, they want to do it at night and from the sound of things, prob only a couple of hours...

if worse comes to worst, i was thinking just along the coronation drive stretch towards the city or maybe opposite on west end and hopefully land them some catties... i myself haven't done it before too so if it really comes down to that, we might just do that.. any spots along that stretch?

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dont know about the coro drive, but maybe even try the Norman creek mouth. Thats where i git the jewie, and last time i was there a few bream and catties. You'd have to do it low tide though, preferably on incoming tide. Check out my last report fromthere. Its nothing special, but has decent light, big fishing area (when tide it out) and i have never seen anyone else there apart from those fishing with me.

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The wello point peir is lit really well at night with big lights.

Also if its just the coro stretch you want cross the river to West End and fish directly opposite the regatta.

John and i sometimes do this and the Catfish are plentiful and huge there.

Its ont of those places you can almost garuntee a fish. Almost. If its just fun your after i think this is a good option.


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when i lived at wello the local hot rod boys used to meet at the point and have a few tubes and do burn outs. This upset the locals no end and so they would ring the drunkpunchers and cripplekickers ( COPS) as a result of this there is a curfew there but fishermen are exempt but the cops used to still hassle you and get you to blow into the bag. It could have improved as i havent been there for 6 years but on friday,saturday and sunday nights the cops would come along the jetty at least 3 times between 7pm and midnight.


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sounds good guys...

from all the suggestions i've read... think i've a small list - not in order of preference

1) west end (opp regatta)

2) norman creek

3) redcliffe

4) straddie

5) fisherman's island

6) wellington point

7) raby bay canals

8) jacobs well

9) gold coast

10) pine river?

haven't been to most of the spots myself....

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