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Colleges' x' 04.09.2006


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Myself and Angus decided to hit up colleges today for Gar, bream, bass,yellowbelly or catties. Basically anything that lived there that we could get.

We started to go for the Gar first as we could see them pretty well in the water. We were just past the bridge standing on pipes at this time. Unforetunetly someone told the gar the our bread had hooks in them, and so they would attack any other piece of bread but ours!

We then went round the bend after a very quick, and not really worth mentioning stop under the bridge.

From hear put the bread under floats and waited to see what would happen.

Next thing you know i turn around to see Angus chatting up this bird! And i m like \" Angus concentrate on fishing and leave the bloody goose alone!\" Serously, by the end of the day this goose was Angus's new friend and was eating out of his hand.

There was some excitement as the floats went down. But Angus lost it as it was coming in. We werent too sure what is was. Then mine went down and i i went to hook it, it went too.

This happened 1 more time to angus, leaving us not knowing what it was taking our baits. Angus beleives could be possible tilapia or carp.

When i lost mine before hooking my line actually broke, leaving my float out in the water al by itself. Angus being the gentleman his is, dived in to rescue it for me!

Al in all, a better day outside then i would have had sitting at home. We'll probably hit it again to see what the mystery fish was. [img size=308]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/Angus_swimming.JPG


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It used to be when it was tidal.

Check the photo gallery for the photo's of teh signs ash put up.

There are seriously about 2 dozen of those signs.

However with the lack of rain it has actually ceased to be tidal.

I think this has led to a lack of bullies.

I could be wrong. And i was thinking about that as i rescued the float!!!!

My guess of Tilapia or Carp was based on past experience.

I tend to find Eel, Catties and Turtles easily hook themselves.

However these fish (which were very heavy) would take even my smallish hook for a big run before simply spitting it. I have had exactly the same experience with Tilapia and Marrek informs me that Carp do this a bit as well.


P.S. The water was surprisingly warm!

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I've never tried Colleges for sharks (caught some nice bass upstream though on HB) as its reasonably weedy. The best section is probably to the right of the boat ramp; its pretty shallow and less weed then other places and I bet in low light the sharks would be patrolling along the weed beds looking for mullet.

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