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Help catching anything on lures

Thorbjorn Hale

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Hi all

I usually fish with live baits but recently have been trying lures for fish like bream and flathead for a bit of fun while the threadies and Jew aren’t biting. I haven’t actually caught anything on lures such as soft plastics and deep diving minnows but would appreciate any help with actually catching anything.

thanks Thorbjörn 

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Hi Thorbjorn

Catching fish, in particular flathead and bream, as a 'novice' lure angler, has proven to be easier for me in systems with more sandbars, shallower water, and slightly clearer water (ie Noosa River). In saying this, if you would like to fish the Brissy River with lures you are probably best off slow rolling small hardbodies and plastics around rock walls, banks, and structure for bream and cod. This can be done with light leaders and lures like Jackall Chubbies (or knockoffs) and Zman Grubs.

Have you been having much success with Threadfin or Jew?

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Mate I love using small poppers for Bream. You need very fine leaders and the smallest poppers you can cast. 

I like a 2000ish reel with about 4kg braded line and a 2kg leader on a stick as light as you can afford.

As for poppers, I don't think it matters what brand you use, Its good to have a few colours though. The trick for Bream is to make sure you give plenty of pauses. Flick Flick pause... and count to at least 5 then flick flick again. 

For flathead I use soft plastics. 4 inch in a redish colour. a light 2/0 jig head. up the line and leader for flathead as you may hit a 1m version and they will bust any 2kg leader. I like about 5 - 10kg braid and 5 -7kg leader. 

Flathead like to sit on the edge of drop offs and rock walls. They wait for bait to come to them so look for drains or ledges where small fish might travel to get onto and off sand flats. The trick is to lift the lure off the bottom then let it sink. let it sit for a few seconds then lift it again. The lighter the jig head the better as it lifts it a bit higher and falls a bit slower. 

For whiting on the incoming tide in about 2 foot of water above yabbie banks, I use small prawn imitation top water lures like splash prawns or sugar pens. These need to be worked the whole time with no pauses but doesn't need to be crazy fast. Rod set up same as bream one above.

Hope that helps. 

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