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Bow Mount Electric mounting plate


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Hi guys. Picking up a Savage Beachcomber 5m Bow Rider next week.

I want to put an electric motor on it soon. Probably an 80lb 72in Mororguide but not 100% sure yet.

2 questions - 

Should I get a bracket welded on before I buy the electric or get the motor first ? Are the brackets pretty generic or best to make one suited to the exact motor ?

Also does anyone know anywhere in Redlands area that can make/weld a bracket ? Preferably in cleveland/capalaba area.

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26 minutes ago, Angry51 said:

What is this generation going to do when it gets to 17% like

we had, be some houses for sale, eh!

Inflation or interest rates? 😉 But yes things were tough. At least you had cheap fuel and electricity. You dudes had so much more freedom... Like that croc that potentially showed up uninvited... Well... I suspect "rapid onset lead poisoning" wouldn't even have raised an eyebrow...

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1 hour ago, Old Scaley said:

No doubt life is tough when you first take out a mortgage, no matter when it is or what the interest rate at the time. Seems to take forever until you start to make any headway or the repayments seem affordable. Our first mortgage was in 1990 and was $110k at 14.75%. I think I was earning about $35k at the time and we were a single income family as were many others at the time. I know there was nothing left each fortnight after paying the mortgage, the bills and buying the absolute essentials. No eating out, no overseas or even local holidays and always had an old car. Then again, we didn’t have to find money for smart phones, internet or laptops for the kids and all sorts of other modern expenses back then. So things were different but I wager that the struggle remains the same. Then one day you wake up, and if you are lucky the kids have all left home, the mortgage is gone, no credit cards and you can go fishing as often as you like. Hang in there generation X, Y and Z, your time will come. Then the kids will be whining about intergenerational theft and scoffing at a $750k mortgage. Definitely not having a go at you, @Andrew P, the pain is real. 

Well said 

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2 hours ago, Andrew_P said:

Bet you didn’t have a $750 000+ mortgage at 17% in 1990. It’s all relative!

Could have bought half the town for that money.🤣

I had a $200,000 truck/ bussiness loan though.

I had to work that truck by myself for 18 hours every day for 4 years.

just lucky I got some good fertilizer cartage contracts.

But it made me grey early.

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Quick update guys.

I had Steve put on a Bracket and mount my 80lb 72in Motorguide. 

He was reasonably priced and did a great job!

While he had my boat he also noticed there was a big Crack in the hull! .

I had only had it out once. Lucky he noticed it! 

Taking it to him again next week to be fixed. 



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