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fg knot . why, when, where, what?


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Hi all, returning after a long absence from fishing and imediately notice a few changes.

It seems there is a need to tie braid main line to a (usually heavier) leader line, and this is where the fg knot comes in.

What is the reasoning behind this?

Why not use a swivel?

Is this is a rig for a specific target species?

Please educate me 😀.


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Another thing is that a swivel can effect the actions on some lures, but for the most part yes it let's you use a much linger leader and the swivel can be a bit visible in clear water.

Of all the different connections I've tried like the Albright, Carrot and probably a half dozen others. The FG knot runs through the guides the best and is the strongest with all different braid and leader options.

I did my own destination testing using different quality and strength braid with various leader options and the FG is the strongest knot I've tried.

It's one weakness or probably more likely my skill at tying it is when using light line like 6lb braid to 6lb leader. Then I find a double uni knot the easiest to tie and about the strongest.


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My way is so unorthodox it's hard to explain on paper. Have to see it but. 


Wrap braid around RH pinky finger a few times so I can pull tension on braid from end of rod tip. 

Right hand hand then wraps the fluro while using my left index finger and thumb to pinch the join after every wrap. 

I basically cannot see the join as it's always pinched between my fingers however this allows me to pause if required and also very reliable when tying in rough seas. 


I do 30, to 50 passes, then finish with 2 x half hitch around braid and fluro end, then 2 x half hitched around braid only. 

No need to pull tension like others do because I've tied it under tension. It also has very little waste line to cut off. 

Can do it eyes closed, and I've never had one let go. 



Same as this... 


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