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pittwater rat king spinning set-up


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After a rod and reel combo for my son who wants to chase Pittwater and occasionally Broken Bay Kings.

Budget 3 to 4 hundred.

Mainly casting hard bodies in the 20 to 40 gm so a good spinning reel essential.

Would be great to be able to use with small live baits also occasionally, but casting the main priority.

I imagine at least 30 lb braid capacity also?


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If you're chasing kings etc (not sure what Pittwaters are) then spend the coin on the reel and get a second hand rod or look for a 7ft spin, 5 to 8kg ish, in the cheaper rods, untill you can afford a better one. 

Abu used to have a fantastic 7ft spin rod that was super cheap, could even roll it around for a small overhead if required. 


Cheap rod will work, cheap reel will go bang. 


Daiwa and shimano offer up some good reels for around $300. 

You'd be looking for a 4000 size reel.

They will last, and will give you confidence in fighting larger species. 




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Mate I lived at the Pittwater for over 20 years.

I still go there. Rock fishing & beach fishing.

I use a 10ft & 12ft  surf rods. Mainly Penn Prevail & Abu Garcia 4.0 Veritas.

I use a Penn Slammer 4500hs reel or a Penn 5000 Clash reel

Kings are dirty fighters, so you need good gear.

There are a lot of specials around at the moment.

Good luck.


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