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light tackle rod+reel for lures


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Hi everyone,

I have a rock rod and a medium sized estuary rod, however would like a new light tackle setup for targeting flathead and bream on lures, i want to go light so i can really feel the bites, twitch movements of the lure and really have a battle with the fish. I was thinking a 2500 size reel such as a DAIWA TD Black and the matching daiwa td black rod, my budget is probably in the 500-700 dollar range for a full setup including braid, leader and maybe some lures??? depending on price of everything else. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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I have three rods for estuary type fishing.

All between 7'2'' & 7' 6''

Use 3000 spin reels with 10lb Mono line.

The rods are Dawia TD Black Super Casta.

Veritas 4.0 Spin rod.

Ugly Stik Carbon Spin rod. Some people forget how good these rods are. Especially the new one.


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No idea where you are located but can I suggest you go into a proper tackleshop and chat to the staff.  For me I think the guys at Tackle warehouse at Coorparoo are pretty good, they wont upsell you but try and get something you like within your budget.  And if you buy an outfit they will give you a discount.  Feel a few rods and what you like, talk through the options and go from there.   I do buy from other places but when I go in they know me and I always get a discount on stuff.  I think its worthwhile in getting a relationship with a proper tacklestore who you can lean on for advice.  

The TT Rods are pretty good value as are Samaki and others.   I think like all sporting goods  another 10% in quality/feel/satisfaction costs at least a couple of hundred % more and wont catch anymore fish.


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