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21 minutes ago, mangajack said:

Said my bit yesterday.

Unusually it is not a bad series of points that all need addressing.

Unfortunately it does not have a space to provide any feedback or ideas outside of those points.

Yeah reading the discussion paper I can understand the need for changes. When I first got up here I could not believe the possession limits for Nannygai.  That said I was not catching fish under 60cm and most were in the 70s. So a few fish is plenty.  These changes will impact the guys with the smaller boats that fish closer in the nursery.  

that said I do not agree with their statement that it is just a 10% change. (9 to 4 possession) That assumes that fisherman are catching or targeting 50% small mouth and large mouth. Not my experience in the north here. 

9 is a ridiculous possession limit in my opinion, to me does not represent good stewardship.  You can say the same with Trout as well at 7 however for someone that only gets a couple of trips a year I can understand it but for people that can pop out all the time and catch 7 per person is incredibly high. 

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