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Rigging Live Squirt Worms and Saltwater Yabbies for Whiting Fishing

Bobby W

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Hey Guys I've been doing a bit of research on Sand Whiting and how they find there food. I have read that they rely on vibrations in the water emitted by their prey. 

Does anyone Rig there Yabbies Live or Their Squirt worms live. If so how would you do it to make sure they stay alive.

I know the most common way to rig these baits is just to thread them on to the hook but obviously they wont stay alive for that.

Let me know if its posable and how you guys do it? Thankyou 😃

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I am far from a whiting guru but I do quite well....I just dig local worms to use and I put just enough worm on to cover a #4 mustad demon circle hook.

I don't care if they die, the worms are eaten within 2 minutes anyway.

I think for sand whiting it is scent before anything other senses.

Next time you are on a flat with clear water and a foot deep, drop a sent bomb out and watch what the whiting do.....they trace that scent quite quickly.

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