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My opinion....


No dramas at all swapping handle over, that I know of. 

The handle always winds on the way you wind to retrieve line. 

Makes sense, no? 

So if the handle is on the right hand side, it's righty tighty, lefty loosy. 

If the handle is on the left side of the reel, it will be lefty tightly, righty loosy. 

That could be the only drama I could think of, that and the handle may become really tight to undo, but drop a touch of anti seize on the thread and it will be fine, well that's what I do, but I use Daiwa. 🤣


Hope that is sort of clear. 

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Latest generation Stradic (FM) is so close to the latest generation Shimano Sustain in smoothness it’s not funny.  Hard pressed to justify the increase in cost, except the Sustain is sexy black and maybe a bit lighter thanks to MGL rotor 😛

Handle goes in just as easy as any of my other Shimano’s - just need to wind it against the thread to settle it into the lead and then wind it in.

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