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Breaky creek OMFG

Tim a

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Hey guys

I went to newfarm park to hava gander at a new spot. Twas absolutely packed with everyone from these laughter therapy hippys... to some really crap DJ's. I didnt know anything about the park so I just tried some sps around the city cat pontoon with out any luck. So I decided to just go to breaky creek and test my 2lb crystal fireline.

Got to the boat ramp and chucked some bread out and I just followed it the whole length of the creek to the mouth. It was getting absolutely hammered! but I couldnt catch what ever it was. I got to the mouth and casted my 3\" minnow gulp in pumpkin seed into the middle of the creek. Twitch retrieve, twitch retrieve, twitch retBANG! then that sound zzzzzzz for about a minute. It was a slowish first run and then it just stuck to the bottom and I couldnt move it. I thought a was snagged for about a minute until the 2nd run came and this run got to my 8lb spool filler. Crap. It stopped again for a minute then did the final deadly run . snap there she goes :( Bastard there goes all my brand new 3 hour old line. Ohwell thats the risk you take by fishing light. I'm guessing it was a ray. I used my old spool with 8 lb line and fished under the pontoon at the mouth of the creek. The bread was getting smashed constantly by decent bream. I ended up getting one 21 cm bream on a pink gulp grub. That pontoon is awsome and is by far my favourite bream snag. It has everything from undercover protection for the fish and also alot of growth on the pontoon itself.

Some old guys were fishing with live herring beside me and they got a nice big stingray.

Overall and entertaining but not very succesful day.


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