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Newstead - 18/10/2006

Terry H

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I got down there at about 7pm, with Mick and Ray? (Sorry if I got this wrong!) already there. If Mick wants to, he can write a detailed minute by minute, action by action report, however the summary of the night is as follows:

Terry's Catches:

1x55cm catty, caught on 6lb fireline with a dead squid as bait

1x46cm wingspan stingray, caught on 6lb fireline with a dead squid as bait (it literally took 10-15 minutes to pull this in! Not to mention the fact it went down to 30cm of fireline left on the reel (down to the backing!)

I tried to use 1lb, and that got nailed by something! Except, trying to set a 7/0 live bait hook with 1lb line is a little hard... so I missed it:(

Mick and Rays catches:

58cm catty caught on 6lb with dead squid

55-58cm catty caught on dead squid

small 25-30cm? catty

I also had the shark line out with the 55cm catty (dead - he swallowed my squid, and was hooked in the gut. It died when I got my hook out) However nothing hit it

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Wow almost the dreaded knot going up the runners eh?

Be a bit crook watching 30 or 40 bucks worth of fire line disapearing up the creek!

Sounds like you had a good time, decent sized cattie and ray!

How come the dead bait, most unlike you Terry, its warm enough now that using the old cast net would not be a chore!

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Yeah, I tried my favourite spot before giong there, but the tide wasn't moving which always seems to produce nothing. Then when I got there, I didn't have a single line out as I was inflating my boat, and mick's rods went off, so I quickly threw out a dead squid that mick had.

but yeah, there wasn't that much bait around that night

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