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Wivenhoe Yella


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Went out to wivenhoe to chase some bass this morning. The other two weren't keen on an early start so we didn't hit the water until 8:30, which only gave us an 1 1/2hrs before it got too windy.

Paddled around trolling a boomerang 80UD deep purple on 6lb line for 30 min trying to find some schools on the sounder but for the first time couldn't find any. Followed the old river channel going from 7m to 20m trying to find some fish. Came across a school in 9m of water at last, trolled across it and got a strike no hookup. Turned the old canoe around and went back across the fish, then bang the boomerang gets hit and line starts peeling off. Grabbed the rod, this feels decent, it heads for the deeper water then turns, I manage to get some line back then its off towards the shallow water, this lasted for about 10 min before I finally get it to the side of the canoe, hang on thats a yella, it makes one last dive before I managed to net it. Went 52cm. To my surprise it put up one hell of a fight for a yellabelly, I thought for sure it was a big bass.

Trolled around for another 1/2 hour for one more strike before the wind came up, no bass thats a first.

thanks for reading,

Matt [img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/IMG_2957_AFO.jpg


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Dan - what you class as "out west" mate? The reason I ask is there is a couple of different strains of Golden Perch in Queensland.

Murray-Darling strain - Macquaria ambigua ambigua

Dawson River strain - Macquaria ambigua oriens

Lake Eyre strain - Macquaria ambigua ssp.

According to DPI pamphlet on stocking fish in farm dams the Murray-Darling strain is stocked in the Murray Darling area catchment and south eastern Qld catchments (From the Burnett catchment south).

While the Dawson strain is stocked from the Fitzroy to the Comet river basins.

And the Lake Eyre strain is only found in far western Qld in the Lake Eyre catchment.

I've also found (you can see some examples in Feral's Glenlyon report of fish from different waterways) that even yellowbelly of the same strain can have large variations in colour and shapes.



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