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Launched at Western Arm with John Ford at 5am.THe track in has been graded.

Ramp is very ordinary you have the choice of jackknifing trailer and launching off steep bank or launching into 4 inches of water over 4 inches of mud. I made the mistake of the shallow option and had to straighten the transducer on its bracket.

Fished till 1200 for 8 legal bass and a tandanus around 50cm. One bas that was bleeding from gills was kept everything else released.

Nothing on lures or spinnerbaits.

Plenty of fish on sounder but they were not hungry.I caught all the fish in the one spot in 22ft of water.John didnt get a touch. Dunno why he didn't smile all day and just kept on saying sh!t.

Wind was all over the place varying from east to west up to 15k then dead calm.

Sorry no photos.

There was one other boat out and he went all the way down to Ians Island and didn't get one hit using lures and sps.



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