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2008 Junior Comp


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The Challenge is on!

Well through the year I bought Alex a new Brisbane River Classic shirt because his old one is getting tatty.

After he won the 2006 comp, I got him his original shirt and had 2006 Champ put on it, then when he won in 2007 he was on to me to get that put on as well.

Anyway he asked if he could his name and years won put on the new shirt as well, then he says, "no hold on, wait until after this year - otherwise you'll have to go get 2008 added later on!"

So to save me from another unbearable year of bragging (at least I caught a fish last year, I donuted first year) I would encourage (beg) the other members to please take their kids along so someone can kick Alex's but!! :blink: :pinch:

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