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Madmic's Fish Of The Month Comp - February


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Hi Everyone,

Dam! First month down already....

With the Social Camp at Blakesley's later this month I was looking for a fish that can be caught both inside the bay and outside so there is a chance for everyone to catch the winner over the weekend if not before. It's a pity we have already done Mackerel not so long ago but in saying that here it is :)

The new range of Madmic's Plastic's has arrived (check them out :whistle: haha) and will be included in the prize options from here on too :1310_thumbsup_tone1:


FOTM Entries - February 2017

The Fish Of The Month for February is: Grass Sweetlip

How to submit Entries:- Entries must be received by 8pm on the last day of each month. Entries must be in the format shown below (a good idea would be to copy and paste and then fill out for your catch).



Where Caught: (location eg Bretts Wharf or Indooroopilly Bridge etc)


Size: Length (overall) (please note a clearly discernible measuring device must be evident). We realize this will be challenging with a big spanish for example but do your best :)

Weight: if possible

Photo: Attach photo by browsing and finding the photo/s and then when finished writing your entry hit submit and the image will automatically be included.

Unique Item: A number that can be shown on a written card, display of fingers etc:

The Unique Signal for this competition is 

" 1 " Either with fingers or printed number

Caption/Catch Report: (In the interest of fostering knowledge any little tid bits may be appreciated by the readers)

Bragging Rights: Bragging rights will be available to a potential 3 anglers... 

1. Largest Fish Caught On Bait

2. Largest Fish Caught On Lure

3. Largest Fish Caught Land Based

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I had a good session on grassies in less than 2m of water off one of the bay islands last year. They didn't turn on until dusk, and literally came out of the woodwork. Got a feed and would've stuck around had the mosquitoes not literally blanketed us. This has inspired me to go back and give it another crack. Of which I'm sure I could land the boat and catch them from the beach I was that close to shore. 

Good luck everyone! 

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Interesting that hussar aren't common off point lookout, they are quite common on the shoals out from the cape, only about 35km or so between them. Have also caught several red bass around the cape. Not huge ones, biggest about 40cm or so. Have got legal trout both in and outside the bay, as well as juvenile reds. 


Had a spot off mud that used to turn up good nannies but the structure on that spot changed a lot recently and they don't seem to be there any more. :( will have to do more exploring and find a new spot.

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I have only fished for bass once only (thanks to @rayke1938) but bass reports are a regular and important contribution to this community so bass should definitely be the target at some stage. Is there a better month for bass? Having one of the pelagic species would give me the incentive I need to give them a real crack in March, but will rule out landbased members. 

I can't believe I have gone a whole month without getting out in the boat, so apart from a quick weekend trip to Teewah, I have gone a whole month with no fishing. Got to get out there in March. 

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