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Pirtek Fishing Challenge


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Always enter, rarely fish :), one day I will win that boat.

Hopefully this year I can get a couple of hours on the water to hopefully get something to measure. The mystery length for the target species is a much better prize than the largest fish which is good for me.

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Going on the rules, the local public lakes should be ok to fish in for Bass.

There is a lot of impoundments around, especially down Victoria way where they are not open to the public or have any fishing allowed whatsoever.

These would be the ones in the closed category.

They certainly have worded the rules badly.

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Sent Pirtek Challenge an email yesterday re: private dams and impoundments using Somerset and Wivenhoe as examples of public impoudments this was reply this morning;

Hi Geoff,


Somerset and Wivenhoe are included in the Challenge as they are open to the public.  Our T&C’s clearly state you can fish any dam or impoundment open to the public.




Lisa Guest   Project Co-ordinator

Pirtek Fishing Challenge   PO Box 959   Kings Langley   NSW   2147

fishingchallenge@pirtek.com.au   www.pirtekfishingchallenge.com.au

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taken from their T&Cs

The East Coast category: a. The target species for the East Coast (EC) category will be a freshwater fish which inhabits an area in coastal rivers, lakes and estuaries of Eastern Australia from Fraser Island, Queensland, to Wilson Promontory, Victoria.

b. This fish is also found in many public impoundments within Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria due to artificial stocking programs.

c. Fish eligible for the Challenge can be caught in any public river, tributary or public impoundment within the area outlined in Clause 51a and b.

d. Competitors can be from Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria.

e. Competitors may only upload one photograph for the competition. If the fish entered is in the East Coast category you may not enter a fish in your State category.

f. Fish entered in this category are nominated as East Coast (EC) and not State specific.

g. Private dams and impoundments are strictly excluded from the Pirtek Fishing Challenge.

h. There will be one (1) target species in the East Coast category:

i. A $4000 mystery length cash prize for the target species will be awarded for the senior competition only.

ii. Prizes will be awarded for first, second, third and junior first and second for the target species. These prizes are for the fish meas

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