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Madmic's Fish Of The Month Comp - April


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Hello everyone :)

Ok, this month lets try to get some entries happening. In addition to the usual 3 prize categories, this month will have a mystery length prize as well so if your fish isn't the biggest enter it anyway to have a shot at the mystery length prize. So all up 4 lures up for grabs this month guys. Now for this months' species, It's a common by catch for the Bass anglers so lets see how we go targeting them.


FOTM Entries - April 2017

The Fish Of The Month for April is: Yellowbelly / Golden Perch

How to submit Entries:- Entries must be received by 8pm on the last day of each month. Entries must be in the format shown below (a good idea would be to copy and paste and then fill out for your catch).



Where Caught: (location eg Bretts Wharf or Indooroopilly Bridge etc)


Size: Length (overall) (please note a clearly discernible measuring device must be evident). We realize this will be challenging with a big spanish for example but do your best :)

Weight: if possible

Photo: Attach photo by browsing and finding the photo/s and then when finished writing your entry hit submit and the image will automatically be included.

Unique Item: A number that can be shown on a written card, display of fingers etc:

The Unique Signal for this competition is 

" 2 " Either with fingers or printed number

Caption/Catch Report: (In the interest of fostering knowledge any little tid bits may be appreciated by the readers)

Bragging Rights: Bragging rights will be available to a potential 4 anglers... 

1. Largest Fish Caught On Bait

2. Largest Fish Caught On Lure

3. Largest Fish Caught Land Based

4. Mystery Length Prize

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Angler: Tugger

Species: Yellowbelly

Where: Borumba dam

When: Saturday 8 april

Length: 34cm




Fished Borumba dam for the 1st time on the weekend caught this yella in the timbers up inside a cove of the main basin did have plenty of saratoga rising around us it was a good prefish before next months social 

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Thanks @Dinodadog for putting up the entries. Some really nice fish there. A few more days left in the month, maybe one of those big ones will accidentally eat your Bass bait :devil: 

Thanks to everyone who has had a go so far and keep trying, the month isn't over yet.

I'm off on an adventure into Northern NSW tomorrow night so maybe I will have one to show too :fishing2:


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Angler: Binder

Species: Golden Perch

Where Caught: North Pine Dam

When: 29/4/17

Size: 398mm

Weight: unknown

Went to NPD with Ray and Tai this morning, picked up a stray yella in amongst all the bass and forkies I managed to boat, so I thought I had better enter it in to the fish of the month comp!



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That's what I like to hear @Binder Thanks for entering your catch and a nice one too :)

Remember everyone that there is the mystery length as well this month so it's well worth the effort to throw in an entry :1311_thumbsup_tone2:

Only one day left in the month good luck to anyone able to get out.


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What a good month we have had. Thanks to everyone who put in an entry or had a go at catching one.

@Dinodadog takes out the lure category with a nice 61cm fish.

And @rayke1938 can let young Phoebe Sutton know she has won the Bait category.

No Land based entry which leaves @tugger to take out the mystery length prize. So everyone's a winner this month :) 

Thanks again everyone and look forward to seeing some more great fish next month.

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