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Caloundra with Terry


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Well after coming home crook from work yesterday the Doc said I had better take it easy and have a couple of days off, so to assist with my recovery period I immediately phoned Lee and Terry to arrange a trip for today and tomoz. Lee now commonly known as "Big Girls Blouse" was unable to fish today due to work and he needs to build up some TOIL time for December. Terry was keen so we decided on a 5:30am start, I received my usual "where are ya mate" text at 0445, North on the Bruce Hwy was the response and I'll see ya in a little while.

We arrived at the ramp and quickly rigged up because today had a good feel about it, that was until I went to get my mirage drive :woohoo: , "give it back dude" Terry has it for sure cause at that point he was rifleing through my gear looking for food and unused Gulps. The look on Terry's face said it all, I had left my mirage drive at home under the car port :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: . After a brief discussion I said i'm not going home to get it, so looks like I will need to paddle :blush: .

After an hour I gets a call from SWMBO making sure I was all safe and having a good time, in a sad voice I said I have left the mirage drive home, and then out of the blue SWMBO says, that's ok my love I'll bring it up to you I'll see you at the ramp in 45 mins, bewdy back to the ramp me goes, 2.5km and 2 little rat squire is not what I had planned to 0700.

After taking delivery of the drive I headed back out and met up with Terry who was making lots of loud noises about boil ups and tuna and macks and kingys and and and :laugh: I rigged a slug and we managed to have some real fun on the stripy macks pretty much all day, we bagged a couple of other species as well , snapper, grassy sweat lip and Terry tells me he got a yellow tail while I was away :P , it's ok cause I believe him. Was a stella day on the water, we were quite lazy really only doing 15nm.

We witnessed Joel and Adam (I think that's right) having their first real crack at offshore, and the excitement in Joel's voice when he grabbed a spotty mack for the first time was awesome, well done guys and nice to have met you. Here are a couple of pics from today.


Al [img size=448]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/PA290158.JPG


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reef_raider wrote:

nice work guys, you always seem to pull a nice bag of fish and have a bit of fun

i went for a drive up there today, seen a few guys fishing from yaks around the rocks near kings beach, is it any good land based from those rocks?

Might be best to ask Lee about that one, I haven't done any beach or rock fishin for 3 years. You don't see many rockers there which tells me it's probably hard on gear, but that's only guessing.


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