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Barra park tomorrow, Monday 3/11/08?


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Heading up to the Barra park tomorrow to meet up with Shorty for a bit of a fish. I'll be leaving Carindale at around 8am to have a bit of a cast net for livies at a local park. Then heading for Bli Bli.

Theres a good chance Rob/Noname will be comeing with me in my car, If anyone else is interested in taging along give me a yell. I dont want any petrol money or anything so it will be a cheap trip.

Plan of attack is use lives in the mixed pond, while trying to tempt the Barra in the big boys pond. So I'll have a rod with 20lb braid for the livies and my 6lb outfit for the barra.

All welcome, should be a great day:woohoo:


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My house alarm has started playing up and is sounding every 5 minutes!! I dunno WTF is going on and it's doing my head in atm!!

Went to set the alarm to leave and when I touched the keypad all hell broke loose and it's gone ballistic ever since... so I'm really popular with the neighbours at the moment!! :(

Sooooooooo not very happy right now!! Trying to get someone out to check this out and see WTF is going on so I can still make it up to the barra farm but I don't have a contact number for Jayson to let him know that I've been held up by this stupid fkn alarm!!

Will be trying to get up there as soon as I can get this alarm sorted out!! I'm not a very happy camper right at this minute....

Shorty :(

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