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Flatty on 5" jerk shad

Old Scaley

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Not trying to open old sores here, but just to add to the discussions on what size lures will catch flathead - I bought some berkley 5" jerk shads on special at Tackle World in Hervey Bay on Thursday. I walked out on the rocks beside the great new public ramp at Gatetakers Bay with my soft plastic outfit and my trusty 30 year old Ugly Stick with an Abu Cardinal real of the same vintage.

The old gear was meant for bait, but I left it in the boot of the car and couldn't be arsed walking back to get it, so when I lost the last of my Gulp banana prawn SPs, I decided to try one of the new jerk shads on the Ugly Stik. You guessed it, a flatty of about 40cm. Lost it on the slippery rocks as I didn't have anything to grab him with and he liked the comfort lift for about 10 seconds and then was gone. So big lure, small fish. Have also caught big flatty on big live whiting and 6" hard bodies, so I reckon they will take anything that moves if they are in the mood. Only other fish I caught up there were some small cod on the banana prawn SPs.

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