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Moreton Report 10.04.09 - 18.04.09


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Hey all.

After a uneventful/disappointing start to the trip on the fishing front, by the middle of the trip we found a bit of form.

At dawn one morning went out early and hustled up a few livies before doing some drifts over Curtain and another reef. Dad had stripey fillets on the bottom and I was running a livie on the bottom and top. Got this nice cod, put up a fair fight. The obvious type cod would be estuary cod, but I've never seen one with this sort of colour, looked like a black and white version of all the other estuary cod I've caught? :huh:


That was the only fish we kept for the trip. Caught another estuary cod (this time with the right colours ;) ) that went 45cm but he went back in, and also caught heaps of reef/rock looking cod all of which went about 25cm.

We just put a sounder on the tinnie finally, so we also fished the drop offs all along the inside of Moreton with sp's. We could see heaps of good 'stuff' on the sounder but couldn't pull anything substantial out of these areas. A few small rock cod, and other reefy species, + about 3 bags of gulps (nuclear chooks and something else) with tails bitten off. Any tips on getting past the pickers?

Also had some fun flicking an sx48 over the sunken pier off Cowan. Caught heaps of long tom things, some bream, a dart and a tailor that went about 30cm! Which was interesting.


Joel ;)

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Cheers everyone, and yeh tasted very good kriso :P but cod are all head, you don't get a heap of meat off them like a mackerel etc. that are great fillets!

benno573 wrote:

nice looking fish mate. only way i have found to get past the pickers is to go big or live with your baits. whiptails are good and readily available! also grinner fillets are a hardier flesh bait and anything will eat them.

Yeh we were using whiptails so we should have dropped some livie down there. Will do next time.

And one thing I forgot to mention was that, for the last few years the place has been crawling with grinners, but this time not one! Instead they seem to have been replaced by these other equally annoying fish that looked like mini scat? Caught heaps of them.

Joel ;)

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