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Borumba Dam, 19 April 2009

Terry H

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Sunday came around, and it's no secret I haven't really done any fishing since starting fulltime work.

So I awoke early sunday and headed calmly up the highway. Car hasn't really done much driving since starting full time work, so took it easy as not to bust anything on the way up :)

Got to Lee's 10 minutes late, quickly threw everything in the boat and we were off! First, wow what a boat. Phenominal!

We picked up Will (Basskid) and headed up to Borumba. The trip was enjoyable with a few jokes and banter as per normal with our sort of fishing trips.

This was the first time in about 3 months I was going to use my baitcaster, and thankfully Lee had come up trumps in a minor repair to a guide (damaged at awoonga) so I had my full steez outfit ready to go with some new tournament daiwa line (in 10lbs). We headed straight over and started working a bank. Lee on the surface, myself subsurface with a nice Mazzy Vibe in Gold (Well, it would be gold if it had 80% of its colour on!) Instead it was a nice 'custom' colour, mostly white with specs of gold :) A good sign of a lure that catches fish!.

It didn't take long before we had a few swipes and follows but alas no fish. After 15 minutes I realised my casting was way better than I thought it would be. Expecting to be absolutely rubbish and flinging them off in all sorts of directions (and trees) almost all landed close to where I was aiming for. Something I didn't expect after not casting for 3 months!!

We quickly scooted over to another arm where we had success previously, but alas no fish here. We decided to head up to our usual arm and began casting near a bush. with a rip of the extra loud 'wake-em up from the dead' rattle of the mazzi vibe. bang! a small fiesty toga measuring 45cm quickly gets landed. Well, the fight was quick, not so sure about wills netting ability though :P


On the Sticker of Truth




It didn't take too much longer and about 2 casts later, I flicked out the mazzy, let it drop and before I could turn the handle I feel a pull. Thumbing the spool I give it a good rip and the next toga immediately goes aerial. Yeha! This is exciting fishing! Second time around I think Lee did the netting and it was a much smoother experience.


We all like release photos:


Things went a little quiet as we continued our way along the banks. Casting from the various decks is absolutely amazing. Certainly a good buy there Lee! Shortly after my catch we saw a good dozen small toga cruising the surface, but sadly couldn't tempt a hook up.

It must have been around this time when Will walked past the vertical rod storage next to the steering

wheel and caught a lure on his shirt. I turned around once I heard the ungodly snapping noise. Oh no.

Yep, theres a further customisation of a $500 custom built strachen beauty. It's now a non-functional 2 piece!

We rounded some more sticks and trees in the water, and it wasn't too long before Lee hooked up. Although this one wasn't a monster, it's a good sign that there are plenty of smaller toga in the system. Definitely a good sign for years to come!


We decided to scoot over to another arm we hadn't been up before, and Will guided us into a small bay that he reckons produces some good toga. Well, one thing was known, lots of branches and shallow water! Lee got monstered by a toga and his line snapped. Thankfully the toga spat the lure pretty quick and we headed over to retrieve it. I also managed to snag my mazzy vibe on some branches, and couldn't rip it free. Will had mentioned his desire to jump out of the boat at speed so instead we threw him out to get my lure.




With the lure successfully recovered we headed back to the first arm we tried and decided to fish it for the afternoon.

We found a nice shady patch with some good structure near the bank and decided to have a good work of the bank. There were tell tale signs of hits and misses, and quickly dropped fish all through here but I think the main attraction was still to come. I flicked out a cast and (i think) it birdsnested. I remember a distinct sudden jolt in the rod/reel and oops.. There goes my rod. Being the wise fisherman, I didn't have to think about immediately leaping in for a combo nearing $1600. I think if you ask Lee, he'll tell you the outfit didn't hit the water before I was jumping in after it! Thankfully though, as I hit the water and went about a metre under my stretched out arm collected the rod and dragged it under for a nice wash. Me, well just happy I had my rod back! Only as I returned to the surface did I think about spinning electric motor props or anything else.



Further up the bank, Will managed to finally got around to reall setting the hooks, and as a result broke a 15 trip drought and land a small toga of his own.


As time passed on, I watched Will and Lee get a few more hits and then Will managed to pull in another small toga. Not to be left out of showing something amazing, Lee managed to catch this toga out of mid air during one of the togas aerial leaps. This one certainly loved his lure!



Further up the arm we found some more trees and Lee or will managed to drop a fish from the surface. Not to be outdone, I flicked over on my light 4lbs spin rod with a mazzy pop and before you can say 'how ya doing' I'm reefing the light spin stick back to really set those hooks.


We headed past a few boaties, most of who had caught 0. One managed to catch a bass and a small toga. It was getting late now and most had headed back to the ramp - not us! We wanted more fish.

I decided to change to a buzz bait, and just as we're about to set off to head back to some sticks closer to the boat ramp, I had 'one more cast'. about 5 cranks in and bang! "yep I'm on". Turns out Lee was just about to let rip on the motor too.


We headed back closer to where I caught my first two, and worked through some of the heavier sticks searching for some late Toga action. Lee managed to get two monsterous hits by some big Toga. The first looked near a metre, and as fast as he was hooked up the toga gave a good solid thrashing and the fight was over. Unfortunately the second fish, closer to 80cm must have had lessons from the first toga because it performed the same escape trick. I'm sure anyone on the dam would have known about these missed fish. Especially the first. We were up the back, but I'm sure anyone putting their boat on the trailer would have heard the loud "FUU****************************************K

That was all for our fun day fishing.

I got my steez rod back, and we got to have a good day out on Lees boat. man she goes! Nothing like sitting on a tiny seat with no backrest doing 70km/h around the dam! Will certainly be back for more.


Terry 4

Will 2

Lee 1

Non above 50cm

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OK a few Thing's to point out ! lee only got 1 x tiny toga! so i beat him HAHA karma for giving me so much crap! Man you're knots are good lee! :woohoo: and also i did do a fine net job! and the lure that was in the fishes mouth was a modified sammy 45! yes hard to get! so that was not lee's fish!

what do you mean PUSHED me in i wanted to go for a swim you just helped me out! and i insisted on getting it! :huh:

All in all a good day! cheer's for letting us drive for a while and Not cheers for making me drive the leccy all day! haha one day you will be good at it! :silly:

Good meeting you Terry!

have fun this weekend!


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No motor restriction Ellicat, only thing that saves the dam from the ski lice is all the timber in the water past the main bay, they are not game to go there though. Having said that they are a right royal pain at the main ramp, with the usual "10 foot from the ramp at 30 knots" brigade.

Will, what happened to all your hair, I am so used to your avatar I thought they had a ringer when I saw the photo's!

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Feral wrote:

Will, what happened to all your hair, I am so used to your avatar I thought they had a ringer when I saw the photo's!

It only took 9342 hints for it to sink in.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

What a great trip and thanks for report.

Lee was this the inaugural trip for the tomcat?



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Brian: I know I won't be selling my kayak. I still want to head offshore and chase snapper in the kayak this winter. Next summer I'll have to get out and chase some bigger pelagics that I wanted this summer.

Edit: Werewolf I mentioned how in the report lol. It came out of my hand as I was casting.

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Feral wrote:

No motor restriction Ellicat, only thing that saves the dam from the ski lice is all the timber in the water past the main bay, they are not game to go there though. Having said that they are a right royal pain at the main ramp, with the usual "10 foot from the ramp at 30 knots" brigade.

Unfortunately the jetskiers take delight in going past the no ski zone and making pests of themselves in the timber

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basskid wrote:

OK a few Thing's to point out ! lee only got 1 x tiny toga! so i beat him HAHA


LMAO, heh Will isn't that the best feeling in the whole world, just wait until you do it again on the next 2 trips :laugh: IT GETS EVEN BETTER :woohoo:

Nice report boys, top boat Lee and good to see Midget still in the trees, lol. Good luck tomoz.



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