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Airlie Beach trip

hey johnny

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G'day. I am heading up to Airlie for a week beginning of July and was hoping

some of the members could give me some advice on spots to check out around there

as I'll be mostly fishing. Taking the tinny up as well(3.7m Stessl) so can't go to far offshore. Any advice on close-offshore and river fishing is welcome.

Cheers :)

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I didn't get to fish while I was up there.. but if you're not chasing the other type of tail, I did see HEAPS of bust ups right infront of the main foreshore. I'm sure tolling through the marina's and around the front of the main part would do you well.. sorry I couldn't be much help.

Make sure you take pics and do a report :)

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mmm yeah high tide around airlie could get very interesting indeed. if u head east once out of abel pt marina, you'd come to these 2 headlands, which have looked very fishy everytime we've sailed past.

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another plan could be launching the tinny from shute harbour and going across to south molle island which is only 3kms or so. the molle islands are verrrrry fishy

and denman island in this link

its a place we've been told to fish but weather hasn't been nice during our times there for that!

good luck

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