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Straddie Bream Session!


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Hey guys,

Just got back from a weeks holiday on Straddie. Much time was spent surfing, fishing and relaxing. I took the canoe over which was well used at Amity however not much time was spent fishing there. The only thing caught there were a few small Bream. Later on in the week I was out swimming at Main Beach and spotted lots of Bream and Whiting in the waves so I decided to go get some bait from Karl and head back down for a session. I bought a whole mullet and cut it into small chunks as he suggested. It worked a treat the bream loved it and I landed 5 bream in 1:15 minutes measuring 25cm,28cm,28cm,32cm and a new PB for me 34cm! I was stoked! The biggest one went hard peeling drag on the light bream gear. Thanks for putting me on to Karl he is a great fellow and also very helpful.

P.S: Pictures were taken on mobile phone camera



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