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New To Redcliffe


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Im a Victorian making the move to better fishing, better weather and the Queensland lifestyle. Im moving to the Redcliffe region and done a bit of fishing in the North pine river and woody point pier with a little bit of luck but nothing incredible, never ending waves of pike mainly :)Im a lure fisherman mainly but i dont mind soaking a bait every now and then and I was wondering if any one had some good landbased spots within the area that might be worth a fish. I noticed there isnt mainy reports on north pine river?

I was hoping to find a few spots not to far away until i settle in with a job and get to know the area.

Also from a locals perspective, how handy is it having a boat when fishing the bay and river? Im debating whether to sell my boat just to save on any extra complications on the way up and then look at replacing it once i find a job and settle in.

Im kinda poopen myself about giving up the full time job down here to move up to greener pastures but im hoping some good fishing will be waiting for me when i get up there.

Cheers, Dave

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Dagga, we moved to Redcliffe 3 years ago and luv the place. I don't have a tinny, but catch a regular feed wandering the foreshores flicking soft plastics. I have a set of waders and I flick to any structure (mainly the coffee rock around the area). I target flathead, but there are by-catches as well of cod, bream and so on. I do have a canoe as well, but prefer the wading. Once you get up this way, pm me and I can give you a couple of land based spots to try, if you need a fishing fix.


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