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Fish of the month "Sqiud"


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Anyone having any luck picking these guys up?

I went for a look at Manly last night, all I could manage was a couple of huge rock fish that stole my jigs :S .

Could see plenty but if you can see them, they can see you and take off. Talking to a couple of regulars and apparently the area gets netted regulary, that's why they are so spookey. There were a lot of people after them as well being such a close and well known area.

Need to go back to the drawing boards and find another spot maybe. :blink:

I have seen them out past King Is at Wello Point, Maybe a night walk out there oneday would get some results.

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there are two entries already :)

also, there's an official chat thread for fish of the month

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Try wello point on the dead low then incoming tide at morning or even day.

The lights on the jetty are broken so no light assisted fishing at night.

Shave your jigg lead so it sinks slower and suspends, (dont take off too much or it will float and be useless).

I have never had any luck sight casting them at Manly, but they might have just been skittish, that does happen a lot.

They can turn their nose up at a well presented jigg one day and the next they will be all over it.

Once at Wello this year I threw the jigg in about 4 meters out and since I hadnt seen any squid I daydreamed for a minute only to look down and see three squid sizing up the jigg.

The biggest one had already grabbed it and spat it out but i twitched it and the smaller one hit it.

Straight in the bucket and threw in again, bang the other one grabbed it.

They were sitting under the jetty. I was trying to entice the big one out but it wouldn't come out of hiding.

About ten minutes later it shot out and took off like a torpedo out into the blue towards the sea grass beds.

I reckon a shark or somthing spooked it (yes there are bullies there at low tide).


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