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My first Longtail ended up being longtails!


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A mate from work has been cleaning up on fish of late, so I asked him to take me out for a spin.

He decided we should go out this morning to the northern bay.

I did a quick trip to my local tackle shop on friday and spent a quick 70 bucks on a couple of slugs and a sinking stick bait, (target Longtail).

Headed out from scarby at around 7-730, blasted out to the pearl channel and hit a school of Mac tuna, I belted out some slugs and spun my arm off to only get 2 follows and 1 missed hook up.

My mate cam manage to land a medium Mac, I decided my little shimano 4000 just didnt have enough speed to cut it.

so we headed to Cams secret Longtail spot, sure enough what do you know a small school of longtail just mooching around.

I got out the bigger out fit with this highly recommended lure.

The fish dissapeared as we approached, cam was rigging up,

he told me to just have a cast and see what happens, so I belted the lure out and started to practice my retrieve when whack!! I was on to my first ever Longtail,

I was shaking with adrenilin.. seemed like an age later I finally boated a 12kg Longtail.still buzzing just thinking about it..

We moved on to the next surface bust up, just like before as we approached the fish disappeared. I sent the lure sailing in their general direction, no more than 4 cranks and nock thump scream I was on again 2 casts and 2 longtails!

cam didn,t want to cast and possibly get tangled but i told him to have a shot regardless.

Cam sent out a popper not long after I started the fight, He was less than 15 meters from the boat when Boof the Popper got hit.

Cam thought it was a missed hit so he paused for a second the all of the sudden his line went tight and the reel started to scream! Double Hook up..... pretty funny two blokes running in circles around the deck for 20 minutes..

All fish went 12 kgs.. they kicked off strong as we speared them back in.

Managed some quality photo's. I will post em up when i get copies..

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The Rod was a Shimano Raider series 2, 7.6ft, 6-8kg's 2 piece. (I am rapt with it for the money)

and the reel was a Shimano Baitrunner 6000D, (I bought this for live baiting).

Spooled with 30lb powerpro braid. (60lbs black magic tough leader).

I have action Photo's ready to upload. (now I have to work out how to do it!)

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mick fillet wrote:

wow thats a great pic with the tuna well done thriller.


Thanks Mick.

Cameron packed the Cannon SLR, We laughed about it being bad luck,

but obviously not bad luck at all. lol.

I struggled to hold it up for that good shot, It was worth it.

Here is another shot, love that bright Blue. P5151755_AFO.jpg

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