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2010 State Of Origin - New Sponsor!


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** This thread discusses the content article: 2010 State Of Origin - New Sponsor! **


The team at Brisbane Fishing Online is pleased to annouce the addition of a new sponsor for the upcoming 2010 State of Origin Fishing Competition! Lox, who is also promoting the "Lox Ambassador Program" (please check the AFO News Tab for more details) are the makers of exceptional quality rods, several of which will now be available as prizes at this years State of Origin Fishing Competition.

Introduced in 2009, the Lox Series was quickly adopted by discerning anglers’ across the nation.  The Lox range represents state-of-the-art technology, without the hype and fancy price tags.

The Lox design team was given a simple brief… “Only the bestâ€

Full Fuji components  =  Worlds’ best rod building components

TORAY Carbon & resins  = Worlds’ best carbon & resins

Lox rods’ use only the highest grade PAN (polyacrylonitrile) based carbon, manufactured under strictest ISO 9001 quality assurance system standards & the most advanced polymer matrix resins.


The Lox recipe: “Only the best†combined with the inspired artistry of our chief designer Mr. Yifei has created a range of rods that combine cutting-edge science with artistry.


Before leaving the factory, each Lox rod is inspected for workmanship & performance. If a Lox rod fails any stage of our multipoint Quality Assurance test it is “junkedâ€.

Lox confidence is delivered by the rod itself. The knowledge that no matter what stress a fish places the rod under (within a broad line class description) there is always power in reserve.

A solid dose of confidence makes all the difference when tackling piscatorial trophies. Frequently the only thing separating the average Angler from the Master Angler is confidence.


Every rod in the Lox range is handcrafted from hand rolled Prepreg carbon sheets then crafted with hand binding & final hand finishing. Attention to detail means we can produce rods with that aaah factor !!! Only found in the work of Master Craftsmen.

So on behalf of the AFO team we would like to extend a big thanks to Lox for coming onboard.

We look forward to seeing many of you at this years State Of Origin Fishing Competition!

The Team

Brisbane Fishing Online

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Woot. Awesome work Lox!

Some very nice rods coming our way.

The State Of Origin prize list will be updated soon.

Taking into consideration some feedback by members we have changed it back to a 4 species comp. With Lox (and another yet to be announced sponsor) coming on board we have really improved the prize pool making each and every category truly awesome!

Remember you have less than 2 weeks to register at the early bird special! If you are definetly planning on coming take advantage of this discounted rate :)

I will be def making it now so I hope to see a lot of you there!


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