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Just bought a second boat what do u think?


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I have been trying to get a solution for the electric only impoundments and I have been looking at boats, canoes and kayaks. I just bought this one on Ebay. I have not seen it yet. It is a little ugly but should do the job and for $425 and $80 for wheel bearings pretty happy. :P

EBAY Description

"You are bidding on a 3.66 meter clark ally boat and redco trailer .The boats paint is crappy but the hull is spotless no welds, cracks ect.Probably the best one around for its age.The trailer is in vgc has a little surface rust on axle,the boat and trailer are both registed."

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she looks ok hey .

the little bangers do the job ok.

u know we only used the umbrella once so far ,1 night .

glad we did cause it pissed down all night ,so at least we had some type of shelter.

in a brake in the rain we headed to a bridge and hid under that .

the umbrella still came in handy cause there was heaps of birds under the bridge .

no bird shit on me :)

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