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Snapper/open water set up


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Looking at getting a new snapper set up, liking the shimano or okuma bait runner style reel, I'm guessing a 6500 should be big enough, dunno about a rod yet any suggestions?

I see bcf has a 6500 with a blue water series rod.

Only have a $250 - $300 budget to work with, and.

What would be the best line rating on for this set up? 10-12kg?

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Like faulked said stay clear of okuma if you want your reel to last.

Its going to be a struggle to get something decent on that budget.

Any of the new shimano baitrunners would be good but I personally prefer lever drag overhead reels which have a lot more stopping power.

Shimano TLD are great reals but something like a tyrnos 12 is a lot more compact and nicer to fish with and stil holds 300m of braid. The reel alone is more than your budget.

A 7' rod with a sensitive tip 10-15kg or 15-24kg. Daiwa grand waves are great but maybe a bit soft for anything but floatlining. Gary Howard GE force 15-24kg is a fantastic rod but once again $$$.

I would wait and save up for around $600-700 and you will end up with an outfit that wil be a lot more versatile and reliable.

I guess it all deends on how much you plan on using it though.

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keen-as i reckon your only chance on that budget would be to pick up some decent 2nd hand gear from AFO members....

otherwise you'd be comprimising on quality, which will only end in frustration as you dont get an longevity out of your equipment...

Jagging a $400 reel 2nd hand, coupla years old but looked after well for maybe 150-200 is going to be alot better than getting a cheaper inferior quality one IMO...

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