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King Of The Pin A Trip To Remember


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I thought I would do a report on the King Of The Pin comp that I went in this weekend.

It turned out to be a fishing trip that we will remember for a while.

With the company of my old work mate Nev who is a local in that area. We set out from the boat ramp at 11.15 Saturday morning with a plan to anchor up at one of his favourite bream spots and just stay there until Sunday morning.

Anchored up around 12:00 and got the boat ready. It was looking like the heavens were going to open up with the wind up and good current running.

Only had a bait soaking for about 10 minutes before the first legal bream in the boat. The fishing went on with 12 legal bream and 2 whiting in the well by 4:00pm. Around another 20 undersized bream returned to the water.

The good fishing continued until the turn of the tide when it slowed for a while.

Nev said he thought we were in for a great nights fishing and with worms prawns and ox live for bait we should get onto a few nice size bream.

The fishing picked up again once the current got going again on the run in tide. Looking Good.

Bugger me the wind changed direction now coming out of the NW and the fish decided to go west.

Sat there soaking bait for 3 hours with only a few small bream being landed.

I decided a call of nature would be a good way to kill a minute or so and laid my rod down with the tip sticking up above the gunwale. Turned around in time to see a tap on the rod and as I bent over to pick it up it flew out the back of the boat. The rod had one of those little green light tubes on it and all we could see was that going off at a great rate under the water. Now this would have been funny to see for anyone except for the person who owned the gear me. This was a Raider rod with a Diawa Saros 2500 loaded with 6lb Platypus Super Braid. While not the most expensive rig on the marked still a bit of an outlay for me and my favourite combo. :angry:

After a bit of self pity I licked my wounds and got out my other rod and tried to get over it. It was after all my lack of fore thought that put me here.

Copped a bit of a ribbing from Nev for a while. Actualy for a couple of hours.

The fishing was still slow and Nev hadn’t even had a decent hid for the 2 hours since the Rod overboard incident.

Finally a touch, a lift of the rod and hook up. There was something big on the end of his line. It took him 5 minutes to get the fish coming towards the boat and bugger me dead as he did I saw that little green light coming through the water towards the boat.

Nev had a fish on but also he had managed to hook the line from the rod I lost. :woohoo:

We untangled the lines and I started too real in the slack line on the lost rod something not quite right here I thought the fish that yanked the rod overboard was still hooked. Now I’ve got my rod back and I probably have a good sized fish to boot.

Got it to the boat to find the culprit was a squire and only 28cm at that.

Now the dust is settled I do see the funning side off it all.

While it may not have been the most productive trip to the Pin the Rod Overboard Incident certainly makes it a memorable one.

The wash up of the trip.

Pulled up stumps at 6:00am today with the tally


20 Bream

4 Whiting

1 Fishing combo


60 - 70 Bream

3 Whiting

1 Ray

1 Eel

1 Old crab pot

The Rod Thief


Good Lookin Bream Grounds


Pin Sunset


Pin Sunset


Biggest Bream For Trip


Little Pin Bream


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Well Done - Great Result, especially on the rod return.

King of the Pin -

I took the wife & kids out for a session down at mouth of the logan to the Gazebo.

had a late start due to the rain, in the by 10.30am Sat just in time for the run out.

spent just over 5 hrs on the water - not a bad stint with a 4yr + 2yr old.

A few small bream & heaps of crabs decent size muddies - 1 keeper on the hook & squid.

Down to the Gold Coast this morning mixed bag Bream - Flatties - whiting..

Nothing to weigh In.

Then off to the weigh in at Beenleigh Bowls Club -

Great little comp

Also Congrats to Sundowner Fishing Club ( event organisers )

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