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Clontarf Flathead Wading 4.06.2010


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Headed down to the Clontarf foreshore for another wading session. Started just before low (around 8am) and finished late morning (when the westerlies picked up and I was swollowing my pills) ;) .

Plenty of lizards about. Caught 6 in total (and kept 2 around 45cm). Dropped a heap. Not sure what was going on, but I couldn't land any at one stage in about 6-7 strikes / fish on. Got a bit frustrated. Changed the plastic and action, but no difference. Perhaps just not hungry enough.

Was an interesting session in that I forgot the jig heads and only had the one on the rod itself. Fishing around the rocks proved a challenge and managed to get water on the inside of the waders again :angry: , but still managed to cling to that jig head for the session.

Glad I did, as there was a hot bite late in the morning.

Great morning to be on the water.


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