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Fishing spots near the University of Queensland?


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What transport will you have available you you?

There were some spots really close to the uni that were fishing great last year. I attend UQ myself and used to pack a rod in my back back :) However due to the floods I dont think itll be be back to normal for a while. It will be worth sussing out more.

However, this site is great mate for picking up deckie spots or catching a ride somewhere to a fishing meet etc. I dont think youll have issues getting some fish.

What are the dates you are here and where are you coming from?

Welcome to the site.


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I don't know what I'll be doing for transportation when I'm at UQ and I'll be there from late August till early November. I'm from New Jersey and mainly fish from the beach. I'm hoping to do a lot of fishing while in Brisbane so im glad to hear there are good spots close to campus. Hopefully the the fishing conditions start improve after the floods.


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